City Hope Church has been around for quite a while although not always as 'City Hope'. Over the years various churches joining together have formed who we are today. At each stage of our history the one constant factor has been a desire to honour Jesus and be a witness of him to the people around us.

City Hope

The name of the church was first changed to City Hope in April 2004; for many years it had been known as Vineyard Community Church.


Vineyard had started in 1985 when Drummond Road Baptist Church joined Bermondsey Christian Fellowship. The latter was formed only five years earlier when Lansdowne Medical Mission joined Union Chapel; all three churches had long and distinguished histories.

Union Chapel

Union Chapel can trace its independent, non-conformist roots back to 1700.

Lansdowne Medical Mission

Lansdowne Medical Mission was originally a ragged school formed by the influence of the Christian social reformer, Lord Shaftesbury.

Drummond Road Baptist

Drummond Road Baptist Church was planted by C.H. Spurgeon from the Metropolitan Tabernacle in 1865. Indeed he preached the first sermon here on its opening day.

City Hope has a rich and long history, and we are part of the story, building on what has gone before. Paul Brown, Pastor