10th June 2016

Festivals, lunches and camps

Catalyst Festival
Just under two weeks ago 150 City Hopers were on their way to the 2016 Catalyst Festival. We all had a fantastic time and if you were at our Sunday service at HAB last Sunday you would have heard some stories of some of the great experiences people had.

The talks from the conference will be available soon: visit to get hold of them. Simon Holley on Sunday morning and Alan Scott on Tuesday morning come highly recommended.

Many people from City Hope were serving in various capacities at the Festival - a big thank you to all of them for their time and effort.

The Festival is not happening for two years now. The dates (if you can think this far in advance) are Saturday 26th to Tuesday 29th May, 2018. If it is as good as this year you want to make sure you are there for it!

Big Lunch
Last Sunday our Deptford based Connect group got involved with a Big Lunch street party. It was a fantastic success with around 50 people having fun together: even the sun came out and joined in! Getting involved in great community events like this is something City Hope wants to be doing: doing good and being light to those around us; demonstrating God's love and having fun at the same time. One of our Bermondsey Connect communities is involved with a Big Lunch this coming weekend at the Galleywall Nature Reserve.

And finally...
All the best to our 25 City Kids going off on a camping trip this weekend. And thank you to the brave adults taking them.

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