10th February 2018

What's the culture of our homes?

This week's choice of blog post comes from a few weeks ago but I think it warrants sharing here in case you missed it.
The Gospel Coalition publish some brilliant material; often thought provoking and challenging; often inspiring and enlightening.

This post is specifically about the nuclear family and how we bring up children, but I think it speaks to all of us. 
The post presents some research about which practices in the Christian home are positive indicators in children growing up into young adults who remain in the faith. 
One of the surpirses to me, and my kids, was the finding that listening to predominantly Christian music in the home seems to make kids more likely to grow into adult believers. But it makes sense if you think about it. As long as the Christian music we're listening to is good (!), then we're filling our minds (and any kids who are around) with truth, and as we all know, put words to a tune and you'll remember them forever. 

Bible reading and prayer are up there too in the research, so don't think it's all about your your spotify playlist! 

It starts like this:
Parents, don’t take the biblical proverb “train up a child” and treat it like a promise, assuming that if you do everything right in your parenting, your children will turn out right.

Rebecca Whittlesea

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20th March 2015

Stories of Generosity

On Sunday 8th March City Hope took up a special offering. It is wonderful to announce that we have raised just over £20,000, including Gift Aid and IOUs.

This is fantastic news, a big thank you to everyone who has given. If you would still like to give you are very welcome to and if you have an IOU to redeem please do so! For information on our church finances, special offering and where the money will be used please see here.

The special offering is (yet again) a story of God's blessing on us that has overflowed in generous giving. Direct financial giving to City Hope is, of course, only one expression of generosity in the church. Recently I have heard of a number of other acts of generosity that have demonstrated kindness, love, compassion and help to different people, here are some them:

 - A cooker broke that belonged to a lady in the church. She couldn't afford a new one so a group of friends in the church had a whip round to pay for a new one.

 - A part gift, part loan from the church helps someone get back on their feet and into work. The money took them out of a Catch 22 situation that meant they couldn't start a new job.

 - In the past few weeks I have heard of no less than 3 sizeable anonymous gifts to people to help them with housing needs. Housing is such a huge issue for many. In City Hope there are stories of God's provision in both large and small ways of helping people find and pay for accommodation. Quite often this provision has been in the form of people offering space in their home for a temporary period for free to others. I know of two such situations currently happening.

 - An older housebound members receives regular help from church members for things like shopping or simply a visit. Giving time is often harder than giving money!

 - People frequently receive meals from others and the City Hope tradition of providing meals for families that have just had a new baby is now longstanding.

Thank God for these stories. God is a generous God and wonderfully his generosity can be seen at work in our lives in many different ways across the church. Many of these stories happened through relationships built in our Connect communities and groups. If you don't know people, they can't know what your needs are and you can't know what theirs are! Getting to know people and sharing lives together in our communities and groups is a vital way City Hope functions. Then as the church grows people will be cared for and be able to give and receive from each other naturally.

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14th November 2014

Family Prayer Meeting

If you had been a fly on the wall at Drummond this Wednesday at 3.45pm you would have witnessed one of our livelier church prayer meetings in action! The family prayer meeting, which was a great time, is aimed at helping primary school aged children be drawn in to the church's prayer life and provides a context for families to learn to pray together. With a few younger siblings also attending on Wednesday it was chaotic at times but none the less a wonderful opportunity for our children to pray together.

We prayed about the church's planned Sunday move to Harris Academy Bermondsey (because the church is the people not the building!); prayed for the school in Guinea that the church has financially supported; and prayed for friends to come along to our Family Carol Service on Sunday 14th December, 10.30am at Drummond.

A short survey was carried out to help shape future family prayer meetings. Wednesday at 3.45pm for 45 minutes was voted the best day and time to have the prayer meeting. Uncannily, the same as this time around!

Parents also shared what they would like to see their children praying for, which included:
- Family and school life
- Spiritual gifts and healing
- Friends coming to know Jesus
- Global issues
- and church activiites

With all that in mind we have three more family prayer meetings in the diary for 2015. Wednesday 14th January (as part of a church week of prayer), Wednesday 11th March and Wednesday 10th June. All at Drummond from 3.45pm. Doors will be open beforehand so people can come straight from school. Refreshments will be available. If you are a parent with primary school aged children we hope you will be able to join us with your children.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." (Matthew 19 v14)

PRAYER: Lord Jesus bless our family prayer meeting times as we encourage children and families in prayer. Help all of us to come to you as little children as you taught us to.

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4th November 2014

Church Family Meeting

Below is a copy of the letter that has been sent to people who attend City Hope on a Sunday.  The church family meeting mentioned will be about news concerning our Sunday services and we are encouraging as many people to make the meeting as possible. If you are part of the church and you didn't receive this letter please read on, we hope you can make this Thursday (please also contact the church office with your details so you don't miss out on future communications from us)

I would like to invite you to a church family meeting on Thursday 6th November, from 8pm at our building in Drummond Road. There will also be an afternoon meeting in our building from 12pm for those that can’t make the evening meeting.

God has given us a big vision for City Hope. We want to be a church of 1000+ people, a community that is salt and light and brings glory to Jesus across our area of London. The elders and leaders have been talking and praying about what a church of 1000+ might look like. We believe God has led us to make decisions that will move us further on in His purposes. This will be the focus of the meeting.

At the family meeting we will share the journey God has been leading us on recently and how he has been speaking to and guiding us. If you can’t make the meeting (either afternoon or evening) then please speak with an elder or leader to hear more. All our Sunday team leaders and connect community leaders will be able to explain more, as well as the elders.

Please note that the family meeting is replacing our usual Kingdom Come prayer meetings in November AND the day of the week has moved to a Thursday rather than the usual Wednesday so that Bonfire Night (Wed 5th) is kept free for us all to enjoy.

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