20th November 2014

Work Support Network Meeting

This Sunday evening (23rd Nov, 7.30pm at Drummond) we have a work support network meeting. If you are a part of City Hope and have ever had any challenges or difficulties in your workplace, that you have needed God's wisdom and grace to help you through, then this meeting is for you! I thought it would be helpful, using a couple of quotes by Tim Keller (from Center Church) to illustrate why I feel this meeting could be so helpful you and the church.

Keller points out our current situation and why there is a need today to have a 'work support network meeting' (or some context to help Christians in their work environment):

"In the West during the time of Christendom, the church could afford to limit its discipleship and training of believers to prayer, Bible study and evangelism because most Christians were not facing non-Christian values at work, in the neighbourhoods or at school. They did not need (or did not think they needed) to reflect deeply about a Christian approach to business, art, politics, the use of community resources or race relations to name a few examples. In a missional church today, however, believers are surrounded by a radically non-Christian culture. They require much more preparation and education to "think Christianly" about all of life, public and private and about how to do their work with Christian distinctiveness."

If this is true how and where are you going to go to help you "think Christianly"? Keller goes on to say rather starkly:

"In such an increasingly secular and post-Christian culture, it has become normal for believers to seal off their faith beliefs from the way they work in their vocations. The few who resist usually do so by being outspoken about their personal faith rather than by allowing the gospel to shape the way they actually do art, business, government, media or scholarship. The church plays an essential role in supporting and encouraging individual Christians as they engage the culture, helping them to work with excellence, disctinctiveness and accountability in their professions."

I hope that Sunday evening will be one way that City Hope plays our role in 'supporting and encouraging' you in your work situation. This will only be the third time we have hosted a work support network meeting and already a few other ventures have spun off from it that are encouraging people in their work. I am sure there are many other things we can be doing to support one another. I hope to see you there to be part of the discussion. See the diary page for some further details.

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