9th January 2015

Week of Prayer (Mon 12th to Sat 17th Jan)

We should be "A church that looks as though it has come from the presence of the Lord"! That was the challenge Terry Virgo gave us in his excellent sermon on Sunday 7th December at HAB. Using the story of Jonah as an illustration Terry highlighted the immense privilege we have as Christians to be people who can 'hear from God'. Just as 'the word of the Lord came to' Jonah so God's word can come to us. Jesus promised that his sheep (us) will hear his voice and follow him.

With this wonderful privilege comes huge responsibility. Jonah initially blew it, trying to flee to Tarshish rather than go to Nineveh ("The devil has a whole fleet of ships going to Tarshish" was a particularly memorable line from Terry's talk) but God's word came to him a second time and gave him another chance. We also have a responsibility to take 'God's word' to people, being a witness of Jesus and all the wonderful things he has done in our lives. We don't always get it right but God is kind and patient with us as he was with Jonah.

On Monday 12th to Saturday 17th January we have a week of prayer that gives us a great opportunity to seek God together, hear his voice in fresh ways and be sent again in his name to those around us who need to know his love and mercy. With Terry's exhortation to be "a church that looks as though it has come from the presence of the Lord" ringing in our ears, can I encourage all City Hopers to make every effort to attend at least one of our prayer meetings next week.

Please remember as we start our regular 10.30am Sunday service at HAB all the prayer meetings will be at Drummond! The full programme is as follows:

Monday 8pm-9.30pm
Tuesday 7am-8am and 9am to 10am
Wednesday 12pm-1pm; family prayer 3.45pm-4.30pm; and 8pm-9.30pm
Thursday 7am-8am
Friday 8am-9am
Saturday 8am-9am

The Dr Sharpe room will also be open for individual prayer on Tuesday and Thursday, 10am-3pm.

See you there.

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