10th February 2018

What's the culture of our homes?

This week's choice of blog post comes from a few weeks ago but I think it warrants sharing here in case you missed it.
The Gospel Coalition publish some brilliant material; often thought provoking and challenging; often inspiring and enlightening.

This post is specifically about the nuclear family and how we bring up children, but I think it speaks to all of us. 
The post presents some research about which practices in the Christian home are positive indicators in children growing up into young adults who remain in the faith. 
One of the surpirses to me, and my kids, was the finding that listening to predominantly Christian music in the home seems to make kids more likely to grow into adult believers. But it makes sense if you think about it. As long as the Christian music we're listening to is good (!), then we're filling our minds (and any kids who are around) with truth, and as we all know, put words to a tune and you'll remember them forever. 

Bible reading and prayer are up there too in the research, so don't think it's all about your your spotify playlist! 

It starts like this:
Parents, don’t take the biblical proverb “train up a child” and treat it like a promise, assuming that if you do everything right in your parenting, your children will turn out right.

Rebecca Whittlesea

Posted by Rebecca Whittlesea