Get Connected

Our desire is that everyone who is part of City Hope Church would join one of our Connect communities or groups. They are places where you can meet others from City Hope and make friends.

Our Connect communities and groups all have a locally based vision to reach out with God's love to those around them. They are key places in City Hope for us to make a positive impact for Jesus in people's lives.

Sundays at City Hope are fantastic, we love them and it is important for the church to gather together but life with Jesus goes beyond Sundays.

This is why it is really important for us that people in the church are fully involved in church life by being part of a Connect community or group.

Connect groups

Small groups of people (typically between 6 and 12 people) meeting at various locations, often in homes, connect groups are a great way to get to know people. This is the place we can share life at a personal level, study the Bible together, pray for each other and encourage one another in our discipleship.

Connect Communities

These groups are mid-sized communities where between 20 and 40 people join together to express community in their area, with a definite focus on reaching out to others and spreading the good news of Jesus.

Our aim is that these communities are:

Small enough to CARE but large enough to DARE and are effective as communities impacting communities.

Being part of City Hope feels like you are being welcomed into a huge diverse family- it doesn't matter what age you are, what nationality you are or what you do; you too can be part of that family and you will fit in. But it's also an outward looking community full of motivated and inspiring people helping you to go out and spread God's love. There's nothing better! Angela and Gary Lynch, church members