People's first involvement with City Hope is often through coming to one of our Sunday services which is fantastic, but we hope the journey doesn't stop there as there are many other ways to connect into the life of the church.

In particular our connect groups are right at the heart of how City Hope works and how people in the church can form strong relationships and be encouraged and discipled in their lives.

Committing to Membership

We do have an adult membership at City Hope; members are simply people who are part of the church and who have stated their heart to really get behind the leadership and vision at City Hope. The first step to becoming a member is obviously to start coming along and getting involved. Then coming to one of our 'Introducing City Hope' sessions is a good next step. Everyone who has done one of these 'intro' sessions is then invited to a 'Getting to Know City Hope' session with plenty of time for Q & A and these happen each term.


A hugely important step in the life of every Christian is their baptism. At City Hope we believe baptism is for those who are already believers in Jesus and we baptise by full immersion. To be a baptised believer is part of our membership criteria.


We encourage people right from the start of their involvement with us to think about serving in some area of church life. This is always completely voluntary. We have found that being a part of a serving team is a great way to get to know people and have some fun, whilst it is of course really great to serve others! We have safeguarding procedures for all our children's and youth volunteers to go through.


Similar to serving, we also encourage people to give financially to the church. Everything, from our Foodbank to overseas trips, is funded by the generous giving of people in the church. Giving is again completely voluntary; we do not teach that people have to 'tithe', and encourage cheerfulness and faith as people give to us. As a registered charity we can claim gift aid on donations received. Giving forms are available from the office or on a Sunday from the information desk.

If you would like to be invited to our next 'Introducing City Hope' session or to find our more about baptism, serving or giving at City Hope then please contact the church office. We would love to hear from you.

Being part of City Hope feels like you are being welcomed into a huge diverse family- it doesn't matter what age you are, what nationality you are or what you do; you too can be part of that family and you will fit in. But it's also an outward looking community full of motivated and inspiring people helping you to go out and spread God's love. There's nothing better! Angela and Gary Lynch, church members